Your statement explained

Information on regular transactions

Page 1 of the statement provides information about all transactions made during the billing period and any equal monthly payment financing (EPF) plans.

Your statement explained
  1. Fill in the amount of your payment in the Amount paid box. The Amount due, including monthly AccordD payments, appears here.
  2. Minimum payment due (also including Accord D monthly payments).
  3. Account balance information (current balance+ Accord D balance).
  4. Transactions made by primary and secondary cardholders during the billing period.

Information about Accord D financing

The 2nd page lists your financing plans (monthly payments, deferred payments and deferred principal payments) as well as transactions applied to these plans.

Your statement explained
  1. Mailed payment: Use the payment stub to make principal payments, not monthly payments, on your Accord D financing plans only. Be sure to indicate your plan number and payment amount.
  2. Details of your financing plans, new Accord D transactions, Accord D monthly payments reported on page one (current purchases + Accord D monthly payments) and principal payments.
  3. The variation on principal corresponds to the total of all amounts debited and credited (purchases, merchandise returns and principal payments) during the statement period.
  4. Description of existing Accord D financing plans. Financing plan on which transaction was made.

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