The Authorized Payment Service (personal preauthorized debit) is available to all Visa Desjardins cardholders.

Payment date
All payment options (minimum monthly payments, fixed-amount payments and payments in full) are withdrawn from your chequing or savings account on your Visa Desjardins account statement due date.

Payment notice
Once your application is processed, you will receive a notice indicating the month when your first Authorized Payment will be withdrawn from your chequing or savings account. Your monthly Visa Desjardins account statement will then serve as your monthly payment notice. Your chequing or savings account will be debited on your Visa Desjardins account statement due date.

Notification of changes
To ensure a high quality of service, please notify Desjardins Card Services of any change of financial institution or chequing or savings account number at least 7 days prior to the payment date.

Transaction fees
Your chequing or savings account may be subject to transaction fees for the withdrawals depending on your financial institution.

Request for refunds
You will be reimbursed for the amounts withdrawn by error within a maximum period of 90 days following the withdrawal. In the case of a personal preauthorized debit, all requests for a refund must be presented to your financial institution within 90 business days following the date on which the disputed withdrawal was processed by your financial institution, or within 10 business days in the case of a business preauthorized debit. All requests made after the allotted time period must be presented directly to Desjardins Card Services.

Changing payment option/Ending the agreement
If you wish to change the payment option or terminate the preauthorized payment agreement, please inform us by phone at least 3 business days prior to the date on which payment is preauthorized from your chequing or savings account. Following your request for debit changes, you will not receive a written notice to confirm the changes.

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