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The functions and security features of chip cards are based on a proven technology.


  • Chip credit and prepaid card transactions don't require a signature and are authorized using personal identification numbers (PIN), just like debit card transactions.
  • A PIN is used to authenticate all (credit and debit) transactions made with chip cards.
  • Cardholders
    Chip cards are inserted into the point-of-sale terminal (not swiped) and remain there until the transaction is completed.


  • Chip cards provide increased transaction security because they feature perfected mechanisms that effectively protect against card fraud and skimming.
  • Transactions are authenticated using a PIN, which further reduces incidents of fraud.
  • Chip cards have a magnetic stripe that allows them to be used when chip card technology is not available.
  • The new cards are completely compatible with the payment systems that are already in place abroad.
  • Chip credit cards simplify and reduce transaction processing time since merchants don't have to check cardholder signatures.

When will Desjardins cards be replaced?

In fall 2008, a number of expiring Visa Desjardins cards will be replaced with chip cards. Remaining Visa Desjardins cards will be replaced gradually over the next few years.

Desjardins participate in a trial in Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario), led by the entire Canadian payment industry. In addition, Desjardins issued its first credit and debit chip cards and chip-enabled point of sale terminals in the spring of 2008 in the Saint-Jérôme (Quebec) area.

Desjardins will therefore soon be able to issue chip card on a wide scale.

Will magnetic strip cards still be accepted?

Yes. Magnetic stripe cards are still safe and will continue to be accepted until all financial institutions and merchants have equipment that accepts chip card technology.

Note that merchants’ new terminals accept both chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

All cards work with all equipment, whether they are:

  • chip cards
  • magnetic stripe cards

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